West Yorkshire’s only, Bradford 3rd Ska & Vintage Reggae Festival 2016.

By 22/06/2016Music

1UM Promotions are DEDICATED to the years of Ska, Bluebeat, Rocksteady,Vintage/Boss Reggae & British 2-Tone and to the present day i;e which will be represented to a degree in the live acts performing at West Yorkshire’s only,Bradford own, 3rd Ska & Vintage Reggae Festival on the 2nd July 2016 at the University of Bradford, the Amp Bar.

Ticket/s priced £20 are still available to BUY on the website & Facebook (click on the Buy link).

As Jerry Dammers told MOJO magazine;

“You get this fantastic feeling of togetherness playing ska because no one individual could do it on their own…It all interlocks…you get this communal feeling between the musicians onstage and that spreads into the audience like a fever. That’s why The Specials gigs and the 2 Tone gigs were the wildest the country has ever seen. They were just absolutely fucking incredible.”