Natural Rhythm Live @ Bradford’s 3rd S&VR 2016

By 17/02/2016Music

Natural Rhythm are a 5 piece Ska band , formed way back in the 80’s by Anthony ‘BOOTSY’ Boyce,
they were a big part of the ‘second wave’ Ska boom! In 1989, they went on to rise in this genre, of traditional Jamaican Ska, featuring in many Ska compilations, recording their own Album which is called ‘ BLUEBEAT & SKA ‘ and playing many gigs mainly in the greater London area, and then going onto touring Europe, the band unfortunately had to disband in 1992 due to family commitments. ‘Bootsy’ Tony, reformed the band in early 2009 and they have intensely performed gigs nation wide and are especially in big demand in the north of England , where they have a large
scooter club and skinhead , rude boy following, they have played at all the big northern festivals, such as :- Beat herder, Limetrees, Leeds reggae festival, Bradford reggae festival, Selby fun day. Nice and sleazy in Morecambe . Kippertronix in mid Wales,including local area festivals, They have also played alongside the Ska greats such as Owen Gray, Desmond Dekker Bad Manners, Laurel Aitken, The Selecter, The Beat, as a band they will continue to play the music, most close to their hearts , which is Ska Bluebeat!!! keepin raw! keepin it deep! keepin Ska! with the heart of a LION.