It is for Everyone, it belongs to you.

By 08/02/2016Music

I have just been asked some questions ”What is it all about” ? ”What are you trying to achieve”? & ”Do you have to be into music to attend”?

Firstly its a Ska & Vintage Reggae Day 1st July 2017 at The Amp Bar, University of Bradford & its all about YOU (where ever you come from) ,friends (Old & New).

We at 1UM Promotions are trying to give YOU a day/night of something completely different you might not have sampled before, and if you have all the better.

All coming together as great day in the sun listening to the finest selection live music in that genre of music we call Ska & Vintage Reggae Inc 2-Tone.

We have 5 bands on the evening, paying their respect too the genre of  we love, on the night there will be “The Indecision” “The AC30’s” “Natural Rhythm” “Barb’d  wire” & “TrenchTown UK”, along with food & clothes stores.

TICKET/S STILL AVAILABLE to BUY, PRICED only £20.00p via PayPal, click on the “Buy Now” link available on the website & Facebook page 1UM Promotions.

Finally NO you don’t have to be into the music/scene to attend it is for everyone (Over 18’s), but if you fancy dancing until your feet hurt, if you fancy a warm,friendly,welcoming safe atmosphere, then you are more than welcome to come down & enjoy YOUR West Yorkshire’s only, Bradford’s own Ska & Vintage Reggae Day.
RockSteady People.