We were so pleased to welcome european visitors to our festivals and we had a very special guest who travelled from Germany and he even gave us a write up on his blog, please read the English conversion or use the google tool to convert to any language of your choice.


Good festivals there are many. This year it drew me on a real secret in beautiful type (not in the conventional sense) Bradford also in unconventional meaning beautiful England.

After (again) delicious English Breakfast meeting with David, the organizer stood at who was so enthusiastic about my long journey that he Meeten me personally and wanted greeten.

He turned out to be a mega friendly and enthusiasm for ska music and its festival sparkling older Rude Boy, whose parents had emigrated from Jamaica in 1960 and has absorbed the golden music from an early age.

After about 90 minutes in the cafe, we settled on in the nebenanliegenden Pub, the burst at 12:30 noon at the seams. A seat was no longer there, but also do not bother, because the mix of fans of the local football club, who a few hours later a home game called (there were a couple of enormous Schlägervisagen at) and families with children cared for plenty of atmosphere and standing passengers anyway better.

We also met a friend of David who buys his bread by the Nice & Sleazy 4-day – on, according to his explanations, in addition to punk bands is also a now 72-year-old Elvis impersonator popular Dauergast Festival.

This gentleman also told at Beer & Cider amusing and historically controversial stories about the Micky Fitz has heard on a visit to his house clamoring Smoky order then to confess that this was his favorite band.

The favorite band of Nice & Sleazy organizer Ivan himself is the way Queen, which he has already experienced as the opening act for Mott the Hoople in Bradford live. On this occasion, Ivan spoke also the first of a total of 23 counted paint with Freddie Mercury. Not bad Mister Specht!

While for David sometime towards the university (where the festival took place) and Ivan went to the nearest pub, I went again nibble what and then sleep the first noise of the day before immediately after the second should follow.


What English Ska concerts of German differs’s example, that if you get lost on the way to the venue, two women in their 60, chic and dressed up in a good mood can show the way as soon as possible because they want to the concert itself.

Between 500 and 600 friends of the Blue Beat music should come together this evening and after I had taken part in an extensive discussion between Altskins and Rastas whether “ska or reggae is better”, I devoted myself to the first volume of “Natural Rhytmn”.

She is the one or other may be aware of the Ska Wars samplers with the contribution of “Blue Beat and Ska”. Actually, something funny that this excellent band played at the very beginning and already 20 clock, but David’s theory was that as “all the same from the start get in the mood and dance” – and that plan paid off completely.

Following then awarded a local band called “Style Selector” on cover versions of classics sat primarily (Monkey Man and above) and also here was the mood. Ever one should give songs like Monkey Man or Everything I Own this evening to hear often, here as he could not order any rare shit, but Hits Hits Hits, fun fun fun and Cider Cider Cider.

Now it should go more relaxed because the reggae band Selah Sounds entered the stage. It was smoother but not bad, the sound and fit the previously mentioned “Everything I Own” cover was a bit tighter, with Boss Reggae offered bonds and was one of the highlights of the sympathetic Combo.

flyerShortly thereafter, members of the great Dualers came on stage and jammed on. Except for singers Tyber, who remained in the rear area and seemed to practice various yoga exercises. Sporty, athletic and promising in terms of an upbeat stage performance. The migration was also great cinema even if I was of the opinion that the Tyber looked a bit tired. “Do not go” is and remains a massive hit and the obligatory Bob Marley cover was implemented “Waiting in Vain” and excellent.

After the show David insisted on taking me to the backstage and advised the bewildered and weary Dualers about the fact that I was the only German guest at this festival.

Tyber, who I believe only in the Hela wanted to take a hat healthy sleep, mentioned that the Dualers had also plays in Germany, namely in Bielefeld. My following remarks that in Germany many people think are that Bielefeld does not exist, horrified the talented singer and he said goodbye understandably.

After my return from the backstage was found that the majority of the audience seemed to be at the end of the forces and was on his way home. For now (and again very well done) to dance aufspielende Combo “The Indecision” a somewhat thankless task.

But well, it was an excellent and very lovingly designed Festival, whose visit I can only recommend to anyone.

Next year in June! Big up!