Bradford 3rd Ska & Vintage Reggae Festival 2016.

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People, people.

Just a quick note on this year’s Bradford 3rd Ska & Vintage Reggae Festival 2016.

We at 1UM Promotions can confirmed that access to University of Bradford on the 2nd of July 2016,will be the Sports Bar ONLY with PROOF i;e ticket for entry to the Festival 2016 will be opened at 13:00 pm on the 2nd July 2016, where you will be able to have a drink or two, congregate with old/new friends also have a look around the stalls on the day or eat some great West Indian cuisine been served throughout the event too, BUT STRICTLY NO ACCESS to the main event, the main opening time for 3rd Bradford Ska & Vintage Reggae Festival is 15:00 pm,(LIMITED CAPACITY) Organisers & University have set capacity limit to the Sports Bar.

Anyone found trying to access the main event or any other out-of-bounds areas without permission of the organisers or the University before 16:00 pm, will be removed/evicted by security and ticket/tickets for this year festival will be NULL & VOID and without REFUND.