The Annual Ska and Early Reggae Festival 2018 TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE.




Trench Town UK, are a group of seven musicians that have come together to play and promote their original brand of Ska and reggae. The core of the group has their musical origins in gospel music and jazz, although while growing up, other influences included reggae, soul, funk and especially Ska. Within the band there is a wide range of musical experience with most of the guys having played in a variety of contexts performing throughout the UK and internationally.

This rich experience reflects strongly in the performance of this exciting and original 21st Century take on Ska and Reggae standards along with the band’s own material. Trench Town UK features strong vocal performances over a pulsating push from the rhythm section punctuated by a three horn brass section interspersed with jazz influenced solos. Trench Town UK will give every listener something to enjoy and most of all get you dancing.

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