The Annual Ska and Early Reggae Festival 2018 TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE.





1UM Promotions

1UM Promotions are a group of business men, friends, musicians and connoisseurs of Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady & vintage Reggae 70’s 80’s 90’s also British 2-Tone music. 1UM Promotions promote bands nationwide and have grown year on year and are now promoting Bradford based Ska and Vintage Reggae festival at The Underground.

1UM Promotions have set up annual promotional events and are looking for bands / solo artists to take the spotlight at The Underground.  The venture has been organised by 1UM Promotions and bands and solo artists are encouraged to get involved with the event, which is run on an annual basis. “1UM Promotions works with a number of bands from across the UK & local area. Our business, 1UM Promotions came together to set up events to give a stage to bands / solo artists and to help give the UK & local talent good exposure.”

The events are paid gigs for the bands / solo artists and provides them with a spring board which will hopefully help get them more dates, tours and festivals.

1UM promotions help and support established & upcoming artists because 1UM Promotions are very passionate about the live Ska & Vintage Reggae music scene.”

Any bands or solo artists interested in taking part in the club nights should CALL 1UM PROMOTIONS on 07598058531 or send an email via the Contact page for more details also follow us on Facebook.

1UM Promotions Yorkshire Ska All Dayer

Tickets £10 each plus postage select quantity below